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Here in the Northwest, our roofs take the brunt of the every changing weather conditions. Constant rain, needles, branches and other debris take their toll on our roofs, requiring frequent maintenance and service. We provide free on-site evaluations of your roof; letting you know how much life it has left and if there are any potential trouble spots.

We install a variety of quality roofing products that complement the array of styles found in the Puget Sound. We offer advanced composite products with up to a 50 year warranty, different metal roof options, natural cedar shake, tile and composite materials such as slate tile design.

Our trained experts will work with you to explain the performance differences of the product and share with you the best combinations of styles and materials to balance your home’s design to create the perfect visual combination. As you can imagine, if you suspect you may need roof repair or replacement, it is always best to be proactive. Call us for a free no-obligation evaluation, so you can understand today’s options and can receive a free estimate for your roofing project.


3-tab composition roofing OR architectural comp roofing, a vast upgrade from the basic roofing.


Cool-roof energy efficient options. Many color and design choices.


Concrete, clad and metal tile roofing products, in array of colors, shapes and sizes.


Whether real OR of a composition material, a beautiful choice for durability.

Cedar Shakes

Create a beautiful looking roof but may require high-maintenance.