Our window options

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Here in the Northwest, we experience a wide range of weather and temperatures throughout the year and windows are one of the largest parts of your home that impacts interior comfort and temperatures. Upgrading your windows can have the largest impact on energy efficiency and ultimately your energy consumption.

Elite Exteriors offers unique window styles that will fit the specific character of your home. Our trained experts will provide you an evaluation of your windows’ condition, energy efficiency and understanding of how they are installed. We will then share with you the differences between today’s modern windows and what is in your home currently. If your current windows are 10 or 100 years old, we have a variety of solutions that will seamlessly blend in with your home’s exterior while providing interior coziness.

Whether you are looking for modern, craftsman, Northwest or Victorian, in search of energy efficient vinyl, warm tone wood, sleek aluminum modern or another unique look, we have you covered. When we come out for a free on-site estimate, we will bring out a variety of catalogs to show what will best transform your home.

Here are some of the popular brands we install–

Comfort Design Windows
Andersen Windows
Simonton Windows
Milgard Windows