Coating Instead Of Painting: For Your Home And Commercial Buildings

Your exterior walls face a relentless battle against the elements. In order to provide the greatest protection for your building's exterior, The CHIC Advanced Coating System incorporates a proprietary blend of high-strength polymer resins. The result is unmatched beauty and durability, as well as superior strength and weather resistance. CHIC remains the industry leader in advanced polymer technology.

Coating versus Painting

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The real value of the CHIC Liquid Vinyl System is in its superior performance and nearly 30-year proven track record. Attractive and durable CHIC has earned a reputation for getting the job done even in the most demanding environments.

  • No siding replacement
  • It's a Green option
  • LP & Weyerhaeuser siding can be coated
  • Approved for historic homes & landmarks
  • Always looks new
  • US & Canadian dealer network

What is CHIC Liquid Vinyl?

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CHIC Advanced Coating System is not a paint, but is an extremely thick liquid applied coating system to provide a beautiful and extremely long-lasting finish for all types of vertical surfaces such as stucco, masonry, as well as properly prepared metal and wood applications.

  • Life-time transferable warranty
  • Breathable, Flexible, UV Resistant, Waterproof
  • Fade, Pest, Mold and Mildew resistant
  • Class A Fire Retardant
  • For posts and railings
  • Available in any paint COLOR
  • May be pressured washed

Think the costs are too HIGH? Think again!

It does cost more than painting, but less then siding: return on investment is the durabilty of this product over a lifetime, eliminating continuing painting expenses.

  • Savings... you aren't painting in the future.
  • Savings... you do not have to replace siding.
  • Savings... protecting the valuable underlying components.
  • Savings... prevents drafts into your home.
  • Savings... virtually maintenance-free.

CHIC Advanced Coating Systems Warranty

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There are numerous lifetime paints on the market these days. The significant difference between these paints and CHIC Lifetime Coating is that they are still paint. Paint will not waterproof the siding, nor provide any of the benefits we talk about on our site. Most claim that the paint will last a lifetime, but the truth is that after several years, the lifetime paints begin to look tired just like all paint. It just takes longer. They offer no protection for your siding.

We believe strongly that the CHIC Liquid Vinyl warranty program is the best in the business. When you have CHIC applied to your home you get a written limited manufacturers material warranty from CHIC and a limited warranty from Elite Exteriors, Inc.. For details of CHIC System's written limited material warranty, give us a call (253) 655-2544.